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MySweeper is a variant of Minesweeper, the popular game bundled with MS Windows. It is the grammatically correct version of Minesweeper for players who want to become experts at the game.


Along with having all the features of the Microsoft version, MySweeper provides clues to help you become an expert player. These clues are based upon the rules expert players use to determine which cells are known to be either a blank or a mine. Also, you may play the same game over as well as create your own game.


This help file assumes that you already know how to play Minesweeper.

The default settings for MySweeper mimic the play of Minesweeper with the addition of a helpful expert looking over your shoulder. At first, this expert counts the number of cells an expert player is able to determine are blanks or mines. When prompted (Clues|Combined), the expert can also indicate which of these cells are known to be determined. With further prompting (Clues|Split), the expert at your shoulder reveals the exact clue, mine or blank, under each cell.

To play MySweeper, proceed as usual as with Minesweeper. Note the text in the title bar of the MySweeper window

MySweeper Title Bar

it provides a dynamic count of the number of cells an expert Minesweeper player knows to be either a mine or a blank. To see more information about these clues, select Clues|Combined which displays a MySweeper Question Mark for any cell (mine or blank) whose state an expert player should know. Finally, to see the actual state for each such cell, select Clues|Split which displays a MySweeper Red X for each mine and a MySweeper Check Mark for each blank.

To see the information on how these determinations are made, review the Rules.

If you make a mistake and step on a mine, you may start the same game over again by selecting Game|Same from the menu, or by right-clicking on the smiley face.

New Features


The Colors and the Marks features of Minsweeper are not implemented in MySweeper.


Thanks go to Juhani Heino () for many fruitful discussions as well as generalizing Rule 4 to cover several additional cases.

Author & Copyright

This program was written by and is © Copyright 1994-1995 Sudley Place Software. The most recent version may be found from our FTP site.