386SWAT -- A Protected Mode Debugger
© Copyright 1988-2003
Sudley Place Software
All rights reserved.

This protected mode debugger provides debugging services to real mode, protected mode, virtual 8086 mode programs, DPMI and VCPI clients, and Win 3.1x and Win95/98 programs under any memory manager while occupying only a few kilobytes of low DOS memory.

It supports disassembly of the full 386, 387, 486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro CPU instruction sets through the Pentium MMX & SSE instructions.

This debugger is also a Windows Kernel Debugger providing low-level Windows debugging services a la WDEB386, but residing in the same machine, so no COM port hookup is needed. To take advantage of this feature, you must have a separate video adapter (PCI or ISA monochrome) and matching monitor attached to your system.

This program started out in early 1988 as an internal tool in Qualitas to help write and debug 386MAX, but has matured into a significant program in itself (the executable is over 400 KB generated from over 3MB of 386 assembly language source code). As it stands now, 386SWAT can debug almost any

Although 386SWAT was written to debug 386MAX, it can also intrude into the PL0 context of other memory managers as well so as to function as a PL0 debugger there. It also can debug programs remotely (over a modem) and can display source code instead of just disassembly instructions, along with many other features.

I'd be interested in getting some feedback from you as to how useful 386SWAT is as well as how I can improve it.

Questions or comments, please e-mail the , or perhaps you'd like more detailed documentation, or just jump right in and download it.